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Welcome to the Live Steam hobby. There are lots of people on here who can help you with getting started.
Look here for prices on equipment and track:

The only problem you will have with plastic ties is if your alcohol fired engine overflows and catches them on fire, but the Ruby is Butane fueled so you won't have a problem there. The squirrels love to knaw on my plastic ties, but that is a local problem!
The Ruby is a good choice for a beginner and you can find many threads on MLS on fine tuning and modifying the Ruby.

Make sure you build your track elevated which makes it much easier to work with the little steam engines.
Next weekend there will be two live steam gatherings which are well worth attending especially for a newbie. Depending on where you live, there is Cabin Fever in York, PA and the Diamondhead International Steamup in Diamondhead, MS. If at all possible you should try to attend one of these as there will be people there who can answer all your questions as well as dealers who will sell you everything you need to enjoy the Live Steam hobby.

I'm sure you will receive more comments from others on this site, but this will get you started.
Good luck and welcome,

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