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Starter sets worth it?

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I was looking for layout ideas in my other thread, when an idea occured to me. I'm wondering if a good, reasonably inexpensive way to get started would be to put a pair of starter sets in my "L" shaped area. I could fit one around the tree and one in the base of the "L". I'm assuming that there wouldn't be enough power in the starter sets to get much bigger, but I could probably add a few straight sections to each to make them a little bigger.

I'm thinking that this might be a good place to start, with some expansion options later. Besides, that would give each of the twin boys their own train. But my question is whether it is worth it. Are the starter sets reliable enough to last a year or two, while allowing for slow replacement of cars and parts, or will they just give out after a month or two of use? It would certainly be cheaper than building the whole thing from scratch, at least to start.


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Heads Up!, Bachmann and Aristo ARE NOT interchangable, the joints are different and they are not interchangeable.
Posted By Flathead on 07/01/2008 1:47 PM
Posted By vsmith on 07/01/2008 1:33 PM
Heads Up!, Bachmann and Aristo ARE NOT interchangable, the joints are different and they are not interchangeable.

As in: you can't mix sections of track on the same layout
Or: You can't run a Bachmann train on Aristo track?
I'm thinking that when the Bachmann track starts to wear I would replace the entire layout with new track.

As in they are two different approaches to track manufacturing, Aristo Code 332 track (typical brass track size)is the same as USA track and a 99.9% identical match to LGB track and from the samples I've seen also a 99.9% match to Piko track. These are all readily interchangable as is similar Code 332 Sunset. Llaga, and Accucraft rail, Bachmann rail is not cast brass like Aristo, but stamped hollow steel like old Lionel tinplate track and like Lionel has metal 'tongues' that protrude from the rail on get inserted into the next peice of track, this 'tongue' gets in the way preventing mating up of track and even if you remove the tonguen you'd need a rail clamp to hold the two different peices of track together, and rail clamps arent cheap, nor would I suspect the bachmann track being capable of clamping the rail clampdown hard enough to prevent movement without crushing the steel rail. bachmann track is great for indoor display and storage, but will rust to worthlessness in a very short time outdoors, even in a dry environment.

If cash for new is an issue, check E-bay for used track, while the big wide diameter track is going for top dollar, the short 4' diameter or R1 track is still going for dirt cheap, and looking at your layout it looks like 4' diameter was what was planned for, unless I'm reading it wrong.
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