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About 15 yrs ago I did a similar thing with a B-mann Big Hauler, changed out and cut down a number of parts,
and just plain rebuilt other parts of it... The cab was sectioned both vertically & horizontally as well, the
tender had a half inch taken out of the middle of it as well to get it to the proper width... I cut up 2 of the
junky old drives they had and made a consolidation out of it, I was trying to get it to look something like one
of WM's H-3 consolidations... I never ran it very much because I was always afraid of the weak drives those
things had, but years later when Barry came out with his consolidation drive, I got one an installed it, been
flogging it pretty hard ever since... Here is a pic of it with the newer drive, and one of what its loosely modeled
Paul R...

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