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Sprung journals-where to get?

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Other than the ones Ozark has, anyone know of a source for 'working' journals.....ones that bolt on the a side beam? Bill
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I was going to suggest Sierra Valley Enterprises, but their website is gone!  I sent them an email to see what's up.  Does anybody know?  I hope Gary is still operating the business.  He had nice sprung journals in 1:20.3 and 1:13.7 scale-- among other things.

Sierra Valley Ent. is still out there and working.
Hartford Products made some also. They're belly-up at the moment, but stores that stocked their parts may still have some on hand. Worth a call, at least. I can vouch for the Ozark ones, though. I'm using them on a project, and they work quite well.


I just got word from Gary over at Sierra Valley that he is alive and kicking.  He has been having intermittent problems with the website though.  I would give him a call.  His journals and wheels are very nice.


I think Hartford made all of Sierra Valley's castings, though, so that's still uncertain....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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