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Hi Al,

Unfortunately (as I discovered after a burglary years ago) the agent is not even a part of the appraisal and compensation phases of insurance.

He is motivated to sell us insurance and we are motivated to want to believe his optimistic opinions but how many of us ever read our policies or are willing to face the harsh reality of talking to an appraiser?

I suspect that we may reach a cross over point when our agent becomes more concerned about the potential of losing our business than being concerned about selling us more insurance.

I know that my policies make no allowance for anything my agent may tell me - but listening to her is probably cheaper than talking to an adjuster. it is a strange situation when it may become the adjuster who sells us more insurance instead of the agent.

I would also suggest that everyone look into umbrella policies. It may be the best insurance deal available but not promoted by many agents. The same is true for driver education for retirees that can reduce our premiums.



Posted By Al McEvoy on 03/15/2008 11:32 PM

All those who replied here that their agent "told them....". need to ask themselves if they are really comfortable with a verbal assurance.  I know my own word is as good as gold, but have resigned myself to realize that I need to get other's promises and assurances in writing.  

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