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SP-CF Update?

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I remember hearing the Cab Forward was due out around Xmas, and axctually shipping on the Day before Christmas.  Is that still on schedule?  Did anyone get theirs yet?  I'm thinking not, cause someone would have posted a bunch of pictures!!!!
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The race is to see who to see "who posts the 1st acutal Post-Release Cab Forward photo".

My guess-- January 23rd.
Posted By Charles on 01/04/2008 10:46 AM


Try again.....

DH and Cabin Fever might result in photos sooner than that

So, it will probably come down to the time of day.

 Only if the container arrives, and clears customs by then (CF & DH meets). Seems like when you really want an engine for a meet, it will show up a few days after... /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/crazy.gif We'll see.... I would think someone on the west coast will post first, while the east is still in transit.
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Has anyone received confirmation of a CF shipment from Accucraft with tracking #s?
Posted By Charles on 01/08/2008 8:41 AM
So, Dave does the query mean that one showed up at  your doorstep by mistake?

  Yes.... but that's strictly confidential. /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/laugh.gif
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I'm just trying to confirm that some may have actually shipped.
That's great! Looking forward to seeing photos of Cab Forwards at Cabin Fever... Say that 10 times fast LOL.

Hopfully the track can support all that weight. /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/unsure.gif (kidding)  An idea on the weight of one of these engines?
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Thanks for the reports guys. Congrats Ryan getting the first photo in (if there is a race you guys always seem to win it... LOL) Hopfully she will perform up to everyones expectations on the rails.
Details for cleaning out the gas system. I had many clogged jet issues on my K-28, but after doing the below all issues stopped.

Cleaning out a butane tank per Kevin O’Connor

1. Remove tank from the loco.

2. Next remove all the plumbing including the Ronson type fill valve and the gas flow control valve.

3. Blow it out good with clean compressed air.

4. Fill it with white vinegar, wait an hour, drain it by shaking hard, and do it all over again two more times (an hour in between).

5. Flush it with clean water and shake the heck out of it until there is no sign of any black specks in the drained water.

6. Blow it out with air.

7. Fill it with acetone, shake, drain, more acetone, shake, drain, blow out with air. At this point the acetone will have removed any trace of water, and will have degreased the inside of the tank.

8. Reassemble the tank's components using Permatex high temperature thread sealant on the male only threads of the Ronson valve, and 3 in 1 oil on the gas control valve's threads and "O" ring.

9. Fill the tank with butane, invert the tank and blow it all out as liquid through the gas control valve (do this part outside)

10. Re-install the tank assembly, fill up the tank with butane, wait till the now cold fuel tank reaches room temperature, and then fire up.
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Note: instead of acetone I used brake cleaner with good results.

Nice.... I love how the cab forward makes pulling that many reefers look easy.
Posted By rodblakeman on 01/24/2008 2:49 PM
Dwight, Norm Saley markets a gas filler valve removal tool.

  Dwight - Royce was nice enough to give me one. It's simply a flat head screw driver with the center slotted out (dremel or nibbler).
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