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Solder question

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I'm considering using bending some 60/40 rosin core solder I have laying around into simulated window gaskets for some odd shaped cab windows to help conceal some gaps bewteen the window and the window opening of my model. I already tried bending brass wire, but the solder does a better job of conforming to the window opening curves.

My question - at room temp, will the rosin leech out from the solder over time? Could this ruin the paint or etch/fog the plastic windows? Will solder even accept a coat of spray paint or an adhesive to bond it to the window opening? Thanks for any suggestions or insight.
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Did you try annealing the brass wire first?
Hey Chris,
I figured that's what it was for ;) I go by the color and sometimes just hang it over the kitchen stove (gas not electric) Get it cherry red hot for about 6 minutes, and then let it cool a little without quenching. I usually let it cool 1 minute before quenching it in water.
Here is a youtube on the process. Note that he does not let his get cherry red hot because its too soft, but you want yours to be real soft like solder so do it cherry red.
You're not really quenching it, you are getting it cool enough to handle without burning yourself in the process. Thats why I say wait a minute before quenching it. BTW, I have never had brass harden on me when quenching. I wish it would though because it seems like the only way to harden it is by tooling it.
Thanks for clarifying that C.T. for a minute there I thought this metallurgical phenomenon was only happening to me :)
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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