Sold Used Accucraft Mogul in Boston and Maine livery

All detail parts are there. There are a couple of scratches on the black paint of the cylinders, but can easily be touched up. The smoke box has minimal discoloring from the heat and oil discharge. Low mileage, probably only been steamed 30-35 times. I always used green velvet steam oil, so the o-rings are still working pretty well even though they are the factory seals. Some leakage between the cylinders and valve chests. I imagine the engine could probably pull a bit more or stall less often if if the seals and rings were upgraded, but that's beyond my knowledge. Timing is still pretty good, the piston valves are spot on, but I suspect the reverser could probably be fine tuned a little.

Butane flame stays where it should! Includes pressure gauge, Goodall valve, original wood/metal box frame for shipping.

Locomotive has custom number plate on the smokebox, aftermarket throttle valve, and an improved steam line connection at the steam chest to battle a known thermal fatigue issue.

Sold As-is, plus shipping (prefer US only). Prefer PayPal, or Cash in person.

Will also consider trade of AML 0-6-0 or USA Trains aluminum passenger in-person (unless I really know ya).