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Hallo Michael!
Koenntest du mal ein paar Bilder von der construction(Einzelheiten) hier im forum reinstellen? Danke im voraus, Manfred Diel

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Nothing special about the Rotary - it's a USA Trains model that I bougth 10 years ago from a local dealer here in Germany.

The cutting wheel has a ball bearing shaft and is coupled to an electric motor via a universal joint.

I am not familiar with USA Trains models, so I am not sure whether that is their standard (or at least was 10 years ago).

I just removed the pick-up shoes from the wheels, and some electronics ( no sound unit, just a voltage regulator, I guess), then I added batteries and a simple on-off switch.

Rotary Snowplow As on the prototype the cutting wheel is fitted with reversible knives. The cutting blades are hinged so that regardless of the cutting wheel’s direction of rotation the knives adjust themselves automatically through the combined action of centrifugal forces and the pressure of the snow. While this works perfectly on the prototype, the model seems to suffer from down-scaling effects. Centrifugal forces are much lower with a scale model. On the other hand, the snow remains the same. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as ‘scale-snow’ in nature.
Initial test runs suggested that the knives took sort of a ‘neutral’ position when the (model) plow was pushed against the snow, which rendered them ineffective. The snow wasn’t cut and thrown out, just compacted and pushed along in front of the plow until the locomotive stalled.
To overcome this, I concluded that the knives should be locked in one position. I decided on one direction of rotation, and glued the cutting edges open in that direction.
The cutting wheel rides slightly above the rail heads. On the prototype, additional flangers and ice cutters make sure that all snow underneath is removed, too. Otherwise, it could accumulate and derail the plow or the locomotive. No such devices are fitted on the model, while the basic effects remain the same. After initial tests, I found that a short length of a felt-type sealing strip (as used on e.g. doors) worked best to sweep the rails clean. I just screwed it to the bottom part of the wheel housing.

The rest is some cosmetics to get rid of the "narrow-gauge boxcar look" of the original.

Von 2009-Feb-Snowplow Von 2009-Feb-Snowplow Von 2009-Feb-Snowplow Michael
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