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It's a rare treat to be able to get away from Southern California and spend some time at our place in Southwest Colorado during the winter. It's even rarer when we can run trains.

Last year when we visited in late December and early January there wasn't as much snow but the snow that was there was rock hard/ice and impossible to dig down to the tracks. This year there was a lot more snow, but it was still fresh powder so I was able to dig down to the tracks.

If my math is correct there was a little over 40 feet of scale snow to dig through just to get to the tracks. I'd hate to be one of the layout inhabitants and have to deal with that much snow

While digging out the track I thought back to photos on the Silverton branch were a snow tunnel was used in deep snow. Here's a bit of a snow tunnel I dug out:

I didn't chance running a train though the tunnel since the snow was very powdery and I'd hate to ruin any of the battery/RC components in the loco if the tunnel suddenly collapsed with a train inside.

So I cleared out a section of track and ran back and forth a bit, then posed the train for some photos. I hope you enjoy them:

I wanted to add a comparison photo so you can appreciate just how much snow this is. The first photo shows the snow level. And although at a different angle, the second photo is the same area in the summer. The track closest to the camera (first track) in the summer photo is the only one I dug out in the snow photos. The locomotive in the snow photo is parked right in front of where the depot is in the summer photo. If the buildings and other details were left out, they would be completely buried and them some.

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