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Smoke Alarms at Diamondhead...

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For some unexplained reason, the smoke alarms at the DH Resort did not seem to function as expected. Good thing...

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wow - you know the smoke must have been thick when you can see the haze near the lights in the video!
Yeah, there was a lot of smoke that night/early morning. I had heard the detectors in the main hall were disconnected. Take that for what it's worth.
This is not the only loco that received Yves' famous three coal treatment. I rebuilt a U1 for Jim Pitts last fall and Jim brought it to DH. After I gave it a second shakedown cruise under alkie, Jim and Yves performed the necessary transplant surgery to switch it over for coal operation. With the conversion complete, they proceeded to give it quite a coal workout. Yve's three coal procedure involved initial running on charcoal, followed by a period of operation on anthracite, wrapped up with a full fumigation of the DH atrium when he switched to his super-secret smoking coal. The U1 performed flawlessly under coal and aside from the mess it created to my Aster handiwork, I was quite delighted with the whole affair. I expect now that Jim will never switch it back to alkie and this engine will become the centerpiece of his coal-fired fleet!

Ross Schlabach
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I ran my Coal Fired ruby on the white track for nearly 3 hours thursday night, and friday night(2 hours) I ran it on the green track at 1 am.
No smoke alarms for me (I had the lights hazing up too).

The fire dept did show up on friday or sat I forgot. This was funny cause I saw them show up just after bob pope turn on his p2 diesel, let out a nice nitro cloud of smoke in the atrium hehehe
The only time I can get it to smoke is when I used yves' bituminous smoking coal he let me borrow. I must find this stuff! lol

My quest to find the one coal

Diamondhead 2008 video of Yves coal fire smoke
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