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Per-chance is there a contest for the smallest LS sound car ?? hehe If so, I've got an entry...
Here is a LS soundcar I just finished for a fella that is certainly the smallest I've ever put together,
or ever seen for that matter... Its fully self contained Phoenix 2k2 system with largest oblong
speaker I could get into the bottom of it... It sounds amazingly good for a speaker that small, a
lot better than I expected... The car is an AMS Iron Mtn coal car in 1/20.3 scale, Its pictured
with an Aristo plug door b-car for size comparison...
Paul R...

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Hi Paul
I have several small sound units one built into the same wagon also various packing cases and barrels etc.

The coal wagon now has the front removed and a coal slope with the sound unit under

The speaker oblong between the frames with black plastic frames to hide it.

This one is a tender for various open backed small locos.

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