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Rocks may not be the norm...but they are doable...trestle and bridges allow water run-off to cross from one side of your tracks to the other side...
Embrace your areas needs with mother nature! You'll be happier with results....
Set a yard area...add solid fill..flat and broad enough to provide your dream yard. Allow paths for drainage ..even moving low spots to new locations...think dry washes...
Planning is imperative..
A request for a photo essay of your layouts future location is helpful to us..your asking for help...help in creative solutions for your railroad!
Are you running old western rr?
Are you running mid century times??
Are you running modern ...to days present scene as a rr??
Sounds like your after this 25ft x 50ft area... Is it larger?.. Can it be larger?
This is a process...thanks for asking for our help and thoughts!!

Dirk - SD
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