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Site prep

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Picked out my site and just finished initial survey: overall, it is slightly over a 2% grade from front to back (50 ft) and a gentle 4% from right to left 9(25 ft with 2% drop in last 2 feet at boundary).
My question are: 1. There are some low, mushy spots where removed bushes were so how do I fill these to get firm area for rail yard? Do I bring in fill and tamp it until firm and level? 2. On the side boundary, I need to level it somewhat but that will leave a 2 - 3 inch fall off. I plan on using the outside boundary like a river (since it IS a river when it rains) but the rail line will be the "bank" for a
3 foot section of this 50' . Do I use the ballast as the "shore"? Timbers? Gravel? Bigger rocks? This is a Georgia coast rail so rocks are not typical.
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We do better with pictures, that way we get the facts upfront instead of after suggestions are made.
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