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sierra gp 40 sound

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have sierra GP 40 sound trade for steam sound (K27 or other steam sound board)
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I have a Sierra Mogul system, uninstalled. I also have a Sierra (IIRC) K27 in my C16.

I am really looking for a smaller diesel (GP-9/RS/NW/SW), but a GP-40 is better than no diesel. If you want to trade for the K unit, I can switch it out with the Mogul unit and make the trade, or we could do it for the Mogul unit.

You can hear the sound of the K27 whistle in the video (mounted in the red C-16), but I don't think he caught the chuff. Mine uses Supercaps and a big speaker, so we would just swap the boards.

just read the post,sorry for responding so late,yes I'm going for the k27 board! Manfred. Lotsasteam
OK, I'll have to pull it out of the C16 and put in the mogul. Give me some time.
sure ,no rush,manfred��
OK, I pulled the board today. I also used it to do a video on the use of Supercaps (and to demonstrate that it is working properly before I pulled it out), but of course Movie Maker screwed it up and now won't read the file. Sheesh!

How do you want to proceed?
i"will get the GP40 sound board in the mail by Friday (you should have it within 3 day's!

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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