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Shad...gzip change impacted chat???????

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After last nights chat with you....we had all kinds of problems in chat.  We kept getting TIMEOUT notices...which here-to-fore did NOTHING.  This time, the TIMEOUTS were correlated with a chat session that locked up.  We had to keep logging off and back on.  You could get into chat without having your name on the Room User list...and when that happened, you didn't see other folks posts.  Really a mess.  With only four of us on (Jim, Greg, me, and DieCustom)...we had a tough time logging out and getting back in and all being able to chat together.
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So what you're saying is my mere presence kept the problems at bay?  Odd.  I'll log in again tonight and see if we can duplicate the problems.
How did chat go last night?
I have asked the developer for a way to turn the avatars off. At least in the chat transcript. They are fine in the member list imho.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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