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Senco pins in 23 Ga. Grex pinner?

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Hi, All...

Can anyone say for sure whether Senco 23 ga. pins will work in a 23 ga. Grex pinner?

(I ask because I can't buy Grex pins locally, but my local hardware store is planning to stock Senco pinners and pins soon.)  

Many thanks,

Dawg :cool:
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As long as the pins are 23 gauge and headless they should function fine in the GREX pinner.
Have a good one,
Thank you, Don. That's what I needed.
Hi Dawg,

  If you have a Harbor Freight store near by you might want to check for pins there. Our local store has them--cheap.
  How is your spray booth comming along??  I would like to see your plan for building it.
  I bought a daton blower on ebay last week. I plan on using alum. sheet to build my booth. Years ago I had a dance band and we had colapsable alum. music stands, this is where I got the idea for the knock down spray booth. Im also planning to mount the blower & filter on the bottom of the back wall.

Hi, Chuck...thanks. Nearest HF is in Salt Lake City, though, about 400 miles away (Almost a whole morning's drive! ;))

Re the spray booth...I have now the blower in-hand and am designing the plenum to match. Based on some very useful feedback I got from MLS'rs in another thread, I'm reconsidering my original plan to make the booth entirely from plywood. I may line it with aluminum sheet as well. It's supposed to look like a wall cabinet when folded up against the wall.

Dawg :cool:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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