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Oh! Charles!

The vagaries of translating not only language but also culture!!! Remember "When it was time for man to go railroading, he went railroading."Lazarus Long" - fictional but some times wise character).

I found this:

This from Notre Dame University.

Search term "Always Steaming"

nunquam (numquam) [never]; 'nunquam non' , [always]; 'non nunquam', [sometimes].
pervigil -ilis [always watchful].

semper [always , at all times].

usque [through and through , all the way; continuously; always]; 'usque Romam', [as far as Rome]; 'usque a Romulo', [ever since Romulus].

usquequaque [always].

steaming {blank}"

Now Roman Latin was a lot like modern German, if you need a new term or word then you use the
established forms and add or vary the ending.

So I suggest as "A Modest Proposal" that you change your "Handle" to:

"Usque Vaporis", the "is" ending on vapor- indicating action or work being performed.

I know that your American culture is familiar with the Latin "Semper Fideles", but this is a passive statement of fact, I believe that in your case the more active "usque" is more appropriate, in Latin.

Just some thoughts, been 30 years since I used my latin (can still hear Dr. Zabarowski - - - "ARE YOU SO DUMB, SO STUPID? YOU CANNOT LEARN A FEW LATIN VERBS!!"

It is all in the name of fun!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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