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sd-45 parts

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Does anyone have any sd-45 parts they would like to get rid of left over from a kitbash? Looking for cab, fueltank, radiator grills, or entire long hood shell, truck sideframes.
Thanks Bull
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sorry Bull.
I do have a long hood of a GP9 tho.
I traded with Eric my complete 45 shell when I built my U 33 for other parts.
I have a cab.
The rest I am using on my dd40x bash
All I have is a complete SD-45 made into a dummy. I was going to part it out originally, but I put all the pieces together and made a dummy engine out of it.
Do you want to sell the dummy.
Im thinking of building another dd40
do you have pictures of the dd40? what did you do for trucks?
I have not posted any pics as of yet.
The trucks are 4 usa trains 44 tunner trucks.
The side frams are two aristo and 1 usa frame
Thanks all for replies. The extra cab will be great also a complete dummy engine awesome. Building a high hood gp-40 right now but trying to collect the parts for the next 2 I plan to build at the same time. They are both 2 be ex. Norfolk Southern 1 a gp-40X and a gp-38 both high hoods. Post pics of 40 in a few day's got the high hood bell built tonight.

Anyone else have any parts? SD45 or a dynamic brake hatch off of a usa trains SD40-2? Thanks
Let's start again any more sd45 or gp40 parts out there anyone would like to part with?
Thx Jason
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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