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I ordered some Schleich Figures from Ridge road Station and I was very impressed when they arrived.

I ordered Some standing Indians, several on horseback, a prospector and his donkey, a trapper on a horse.

They all seem to scale out to between 5'6" and 6' in 1:20 scale but what amazes me is the detail. Especially the prospector and his donkey. This item cost about 11 dollars. there is no way i could have ever painted or detailed it for anything close to that. It is a fantastic buy in my opinion. The indians are very detailed and expertly painted. The Chief on the horse is a beautiful figure.

These figures are going to go very well in my Indian Village. i also ordered the Piko trading post which includes three Teepees. i have examined them and they will work perfectly. They seem to be about 16 feet high in 1:20 scale and go along with the Schleich indians perfectly.

I ordered a Schleich Teepee. It looks to be much bigger than the piko teepees and is probably too big for my purposes.

I highly recommend these figures. I plan to order some of the various types of cows they offer next.

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