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I went over to a buds home and we ran some trains to test out some new Power and my rebuilt ground up, stick-em together parts on my Pacific. Installed an over sized motor in it so it will pull a house or take off the driver, one or the other. laf. Still need a little more wt. in it..
Anyway we ran mostly Santa fe stuff on his Western Pacific R.R. that kind of look like Feather River Canyon with a 1 % grade. You can see all of the standsons in the video and what a job getting it right. It came out pretty good tho. Saves from bending over.

Anyway his new SF. 2-8-8- 2 will be changed to a WP.
Here is a video of our Sept 2 trains run with mostly SF. any kind of power and rolling stock to just have fun.

Hope you like our video..
Noel & Joel
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