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Santa Claus back to North Pole

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Yes it happened again,

the holiday train has been sighted on my layout
when Santa returned to North Pole after
a hard christmas season.

To Torby: thank you for sending me the snow!
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Stefan those are absolutely gorgeous pictures, you need to submit them to the photo contest ^^

Stefan, I am putting links to pics of an issue of my Locomotive Engineer's Journal that I thought you might like. I hope you like them ^^



This issue was back in 2001.

Hi Will,

I love it, thanks.
I always loved the holiday train.
When I bought my SD70 my first thought was:
Make your own holiday train.

Next year I will improve it a little bit by
adding the christmas tree on top and more
lighted cars behind it.

Only ten months to go!

Enjoy our hobby
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Boy, the snow really makes the color jump out. Cool stuff! Really worth the extra effort it takes to photograph in the snow.
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