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I posted this video under another thread but believe it shud stand alone because of the time and energy that Jeff and Hans put into her revival.
I wanted also to take this oppurtunity to thank Hans for his wicks, Let me know how much I owe you and I will send money.
Also fot the five or so hours that you all spent of your time to correct some of my mistakes or whatever.
John Frank fired her up on Tuesday at Steve Specks and after a while he let me run her. It is a lot easier than I always thought it would be to get the engine to run the way it was designed.
What I learned from this experience is that it takes a lot less time to do proper maintenace than it does to repair the problems caused by lack of such.
Im psotint the video again because I am proud of what a beautiful running engine the S-2 can be when properly maintained.
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Please see Diamondhead 2009 Internatiional Steamup which has information on the S2.

Here is a sample of Jeff Runge posting on that thread:

Here is what we found on Art's S2.
Wicks needed to be restored to stock Aster material as originally built, another form of "rope " wick had been installed, but a bit too loose, and one had fallen out.
Straighten and adjust cylinder drain linkage.
We then fired the engine and found several steam leaks, bad enough that the engine would no longer run with a load, One under the smoke box, one inside the smoke box requiring removal of the smoke box to fix.
We had run the engine on air with the "wheels up" . This resulted in one of the valves hanging open.
Next we opened the steam chest, and with the with just a slight touch the valve dropped back down. Everything looked like new inside the steam chest, so the covers went back on.
Put everything back together, replaced the burnt alcohol transfer tube.
Now it was put on rollers and run for a few seconds on air ( Thanks Dave H.) Next time I need to bring an air compressor!
Now it was off to the Track for some steaming. Results : ran like it did when first built, like a "Swiss Watch"
Special thanks to Paul Lator for giving up the wick material Hans had brought for him. And Hans for suppling other "bits" required, and assisting.
This engine has been through quite a bit since it was built, not the least of which was the " FLYING ASTER" trick. and a severe lack of maintenance, and keeping it in your truck. (Art likes to be ready to steam at all times, so he always has his engine with him in his truck)
Steve, John, Dave and the rest (you know who you are) Please give your fellow steamer a little assistance with the storage and maintenance of his engine!!
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