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I posted this video under another thread but believe it shud stand alone because of the time and energy that Jeff and Hans put into her revival.
I wanted also to take this oppurtunity to thank Hans for his wicks, Let me know how much I owe you and I will send money.
Also fot the five or so hours that you all spent of your time to correct some of my mistakes or whatever.
John Frank fired her up on Tuesday at Steve Specks and after a while he let me run her. It is a lot easier than I always thought it would be to get the engine to run the way it was designed.
What I learned from this experience is that it takes a lot less time to do proper maintenace than it does to repair the problems caused by lack of such.
Im psotint the video again because I am proud of what a beautiful running engine the S-2 can be when properly maintained.
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What was the maintenance issue that was corrected to revive the S2?
Thanks for the summary and the fix. That it what I like about this forum and one of the reasons I was not hesitant to get into the hobby because I knew there would always beed help and good advice if needed. Thanks! My all black S2 runs like a dream and pulls like a horse. It took several months to build as I was very deliberate and slow in the constructuion to make sure there would be no disappointing issues at steam-up.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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