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Ruby, inside admission

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Have followed Dave Hottmann's excelent posting [26 Feb 2004] to the best of my ability, trying to get control of my Ruby, [MIMI]. I still have a engine that I can't control, starts out at a leisurely pace on my 50' [10' d curves]. by the time it makes the 1st pass, I catch it, turn every thing down a little. Then it really takes off, catch it turn it down a little more, faster & faster.
On air it will chug along at below 5 lbs, just like it should.
The good news, bought it used,saved a few $$'s. Has possibly 15 runs on it, plus my "air time".

I am missing something, wondering,
Add survos [throttle} to control the speed?
Do something [longer taper] to the needle valves to make a more precise control?
Perhaps Dave is still out there, and would be interested in me sending him Mimi for him to double CK my efforts, I would be happy to pay some one for there experience? Never a big believer in re inventing the wheel.

In any case it is a pretty little engine, red & shiney. It makes me wonder if I want to continue in steam?

Thanks for listening to a frustrated, newbe, wanabe,

Bill Bagley
[email protected]
Houston area
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Bill' Put a half dozen freight cars w/ steel wheels behind it & it will operate a lot differently.
Add survos [throttle} to control the speed?

That will work - but so will a long, heavy train, as Larry says!
Bill, I turned a longer angle on my throttle but be careful, you will probably have to cut back the shoulder so it doesn't bottom out before closing the valve. I have RC on mine and find that I can do a lot of speed control with the J-Bar. Never tried that when opperating manually before RC was installed.
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