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Hey Shad

The RSS feed on the home page works very nicely. Now that is another major leap forward for MLS.
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Check out the following link on Wikipedia for what RSS is


Then if you think that you may like the real time update from MLS without the eMail hassle, however, understand the feed will cover all posts to all forums, unlike subscriptions. You can find quite a few free RSS Readers available, the one I'm currently using is 'FeedReader v3.10', which you can find out about by clicking the following link.


To locate the RSS feed on the MLS home page, in the upper-right you'll see the 'Recent Forum Posts' tab. Place your mouse pointer in the text field and scroll down to the bottom, there at the bottom-left you'll find the RSS Feed icon 
If you click that icon a XML page should display, what you want to do is copy the URL located in the address field of the browser so you can create a new RSS Feed link in your FeedReader program.

Have fun
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I don't know if you can configure RSS for each individual forum in addition to the RSS feed on the home page, but if you can that would be nice for those that only wish to monitor certain specific forums. I don't think that even if you could, taking it down to the topic level would be a waste.

I can't vouch for how all of the feed readers work, but with FeedReader you can configure it so that is loads on start-up and is running in the system tray. Then when any one of the feeds that you've got configured for the reader to monitor gets a new update a very small window will display in the lower-right of the display. The window isn't modal (i.e. meaning it won't interrupt what you're doing until it's manually cleared). In the window it tells you which feed is updating and the title of the topic or reply, it stays there for a couple of seconds then clears. If you right-click the reader's tray icon you can cause its screen to display. If the in-coming notifications get to bothering you you can turn them from the tray icon too.
Oh! I know another really good place that RSS would be great is in the 'Builders Logs' (i.e. blogs). That way they wouldn't get forgotten about and it would make it easy for people to track blogs that they're interested in. I haven't checked so I don't know if RSS isn't already available there, if not then it should be.

Edit Update 1: Just checked and RSS is available in the blogs, but it covers all the blogs, again if it could be configured for each individual blog that would be great, if not, what we've got is great too.

Edit Update 2: Checked a bit further and I believe that it is by blog, but the user has to enable it in their blog configuration parameters. Currently only your 'Shad's Builder's Log: Some Updates for today' is available.
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