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Take a look at the new roundhouse loko Taliesin,now look closer at the power unit ,perfect for powering Rubys (some mods required) ore even powering an tender to increase pulling ?
or .... lots of possibles!!!

Manfred Diel
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Is this the one you speak of?

Very cool! A little pricey for me but cool none the less!

I was ready to order one when I saw the first drawings ---- except it only comes with radio control and I am a manual person. Lately I have been considering the silver Lady Anne but have not yet made the decision to buy.
That looks like a really fast start on a live steam Mason Bogie!
ROUNDHOUSE has no plans on producing the powerbogie as a spare/bash part!(R.H.e-mail reply)

Well, only a larger order will convince them! Any interrest? I will take 2 units!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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