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Here is some 1:32 scale roller bearing trucks i drew up in Fusion 360 and then had 3D printed and sent to me. I've had an interest in making mostly prototypical scale 1:32 modern north American freight trains for awhile now. This version i made needs some clearance tweaking for the wheels and bearings and some adjustments to keep the springs in. I don't know how far i will go into this endeavor, i am just trying some stuff and see where it goes. Some difficulties on this path is finding blue prints for the modern era stuff (i grew up in the 90's so its natural i would like the modern stuff haha). also there seems to be very little G scale in 1:32 for the modern stuff. I know most of the G scale community is in the 1:29 so i don't know how much interest everyone will find in this post but i thought i would post anyways just to see the thoughts and interaction from everyone. I personally would probably model a few highly detailed models to run indoors and i don't know how well this would run outdoors. I'm sure the wheels could be modified to have what is usually used for the outdoor 1:29 stuff.

Everything is in plastic but if i were to go ahead and continue refining it, i would make the wheels out of metal. I used to be a CNC machinist so i think it is something i could attempt in the future. it currently has .250 sized ball bearings for the wheels.

anyways i hope you all like it!

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