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Well I'm a bit overdue for an update with Tday and all ...
But here's a quick update with a few pictures

I got the main boiler jacket all sanded down and have started adding some of the piping.

I have spent many an hour searching for styrene tubing, but I found that I need to go get some more

Yet I was able to modify the sanding pipes from off of the mallet and got them mounted.

I also found a perfect part potenial to use for the air pump filters. So chopped them off of of 2 atlantic whisles and used
some Bman piping to make the filters. They will need to be painted black.

So that's about it for now.
Just wanted to keep y'all informed on the progress that's been getting done.

As always, more to come soon !!!!


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Oh how time flies, esp. during and just before the holidays !!!
I have fallen behind in my updates as well as my work
But, some work had been done just B-4 I started to make

Christmas gifts to send for this year. Ok, here's what has been done....

First off, here's a picture of the area of the loco that has been worked on.

Now the little amount of work that I've done.

First off, I finished plugging the holes in the Belpaire firebox.
Then the other night whilest on chat, I cut a gasket of styrene out to go between the firebox and the
boiler. I sanded both ends to fit the gasket and crossed my fingers as I glued the 2 ends together.
I think it worked out ok. Everything looks real straight after the gluing process.

So with that out of the way, I started some of the pipe work.
Not much to show as I am still working on other areas of the locomotive.

Soooo, what's next ???
I guess I can keep working on the piping AND I have some new gauges for the backplate of the boiler/firebox I could play with.
And I still need to finish cuttin' the cab roof for those vents, got the hinges now, but it'll be a toss up of what I'll do next.
Anyone have a coin ?!?
I'll keep y'all updated, at least once or twice a week


Now back to my Christmas projects

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