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Nice work Rocky!

What glue did you use? I was not really successful with JB Weld, or epoxy.

Also, before you button it up, you might check for continuity between each driver and the "bus bar" on top. The last brand new mikado brick I checked had 50% of the drivers with bad conductivity.

The ball bearings do not conduct! Aristo is using "hybrid" ball bearings on the axles, and the ceramic ball bearings do not conduct, so the little spring and ball riding on the axle move all the current.

Check my "prime mover basics" under the ARISTO motive power section:

http://www.elmassian.com/trains-mai...r-mainmenu-72/prime-mover-basics-mainmenu-256 [url]http://www.elmassian.com/trains-mainmenu-27/motive-power-mods-aamp-tips-mainmenu-35/aristo-motive-power-mainmenu-72/prime-mover-basics-mainmenu-256[/url]

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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