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Many of you know Rob Cooley.
Rob Cooley has had some physical setbacks and is now in assisted living. As can be imaged, he does not have room for some items. He has the following (and possibly some other items) for sale:

Roundhouse Sandy River live steam loco, r/c, in beautiful condition, I guess 2000 +or- vintage.
2 LGB coaches with Sandy River markings
1 LGB combine with Sandy River markings
1 LGB Drovers caboose with Sandy River markings
1 LGB(?) fairly scale box car with Sandy River markings

He also has some 7/8" items, but I am not sure that he is ready to part with them, yet.

I am not selling these, but I will get you in touch with Rob.

Email me at dfuller440 ?aaaaaaaat? gmail.com with your phone or mailing address and I will give it to Rob.

Also, does anyone know of a train, used book dealer in the DFW area?

Dan Fuller
Carrollton, Texas
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