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Not sure if this should be posted here? Does anyone know of a cool steam locomotive whistle - ringtone for my phone?
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If you are fortunate enough to have the USB cable for your phone and it appears on the rather extensive list of supported phones you can "roll your own" ringtones with any MP3 file.

Have a look at  BITPIM - this program is "open source" from Source Forge which means it is free. 

I use it to do ring tones on my phone and to back up my address book to my PC.

If you need a program to edit MP3 files before turning them into ring tones another open source program, Audacity, can't be beat!  Same attractive price!

The crossing whistle would be nice for a ring tone but it needs to be amplified quite a bit to be heard on a cell phone.  I used Audacity to cut of the silent sections at each end and upped the volume quite a bit without clipping the audio.

Here is a link to the modified version:

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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