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4 December 2017 Analysis
Righting wrong signals: learning from Waterloo In August, London’s Waterloo station once again ground to a halt due to signalling issues.
Victorian systems in concurrence with the latest tech There are several reasons behind the signalling problems that continue to beset some of the UK’s biggest stations, such as Waterloo.
One of the biggest headaches engineers contend with is the hodgepodge of technology at their disposal, of which some even dates back to the Victorian era.
“In terms of the British railway infrastructure, including the London underground, you have technologies running in parallel from the 1890s through to 2016-2017,” says Schmid.
However, the coexistence of ancient and state-of-the-art signalling technologies is not a situation unique to the UK, says Schmid. The French rail network is very similar, as is the Swiss-German infrastructure. “It’s a big issue that comes about from having long-life assets,” says Schmid.
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