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We got together at Rog's RGSEast for his annual birthday bash (couldn't fit all the candles on his birthday cake, before you ask how old.)  It was a chilly 35 degrees with a weak and watery sun.  I took my FWRR/Ruby to test the burner (see the comments and pic in the live steam forum.)

Rog had his new Bachmann K-27 and several cases of the new Accucraft J&S coaches, which we all admired.

You'll note that the steam is blowing forwards on this pic - you get good steam plumes in January...

...and occasionally a bit of ice forms, as here.  I had pre-heated the distilled water before filling the boiler, and I used the rest to occcasionally sprinkle the gas tank in order to persuade the butane/propane mix to flow.  It froze as the gas evaporated and cooled the tank!

Jack (Bigdude65)  was there with his pretty little inspection loco and his pipe:


WOW, great shots...the Ruby and Inspection Loco are Sweet!

Chilly here to, but we stayed in!

thanks for posting!

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