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Reversing Controller

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In a recent acquisition, I found in the box an Aristo Craft Reversing Controller, model ART-11090-02. One of my little projects was to set up a trolley line that went from one end to the other, sat for a few minutes, then returned. I am hoping this device may do the job. However, I have no documentation or any idea how to set one of these up.

First, will this do the job? If so, how do I hook it up?

If this is not the correct device, how do I set this type of operation up?

If this is not the right forum to ask, please point me in the correct direction.

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I'm interested in building a reversing unit from the schematic in this thread. Is there enough info describing the components to go to RS and buy them?
Does that mean that the circiut is reverses after a specific amont of time rather than when the locomtve clears the break n track and diode? Would this mean that slowing down the locomotve could cause it to reverse prior to getting to the end?
I put the below list together. For the items with a question mark, is more description needed to go into RS pick up all or most of the parts?
Please edit the list as needed. Is a pot a resistor? Thanks.

bridge rectifier ?
capacitor 100 mfd 35 volt
capacitor 10 mfd 16 volt
capacitor 200 mfd 16 volt
regulator positive 6 volt
resistor 1 k ohm
resistor 47 k ohm
pot 500 k ?
555 chip ?
relay coil ?
relay armature ?
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1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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