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A little calmer project than my usual fair, but this was actually large scale kitbash A#1 for me, from way back in the stone-age of 2002, I got the complete LGB body off Evibay, and this was Mack #2, which for my back-then line was engine #3 after my first Porter and my first Mack. So it has a special place, and as such gets a nice shiny paint job. I was inspired color wise by the dismals used on the DHR, so a rattle can of Brilliant Blue and some silver paint trim later:

The body was an almost perfect fit to the Mack I just drilled some new holes for the mounts and added some strategic wood blocks inside the body shell to screw into, I was even able to reuse the stock HLW weights by placing them inside under the hood.

PS: DHR= Darjeeling Himalayn Railway
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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