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Regner's Konrad and Wilma

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Hi All,
I'm trying to do my research before investing in a geared loco that I can turn into a 7/8ths engine.  Because of my layout's tight curves I pretty much need an 0-4-0.  Regner seems to be my only choice.  Anybody have any other ideas?  Also, does anyone know the difference between Regner's Konrad and Wilma (other than the obvious cosmetic differences)?
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At Diamondhead last year, there was a Konrad that had been turned into a 7/8ths scale Cofee Pot.

Also, check the Regner 7/8ths mods on the Seven Eighths Lounge at:

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The Wilma comes with a boiler refeeding check valve hidden in the red oil drum and water bottle so you can add water while under steam. You have to buy these parts seperate and install them on the Konrad so it might be worth the extra money.

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