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Regner Vincent

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Here is a video I took of my Regner Vincent on a tour of the RR after the rain stopped today.
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Hi Chris,
You have a nice layout! Are there many grades or is the ground sloped and the track mostly flat?
Hello David -thanks for the compliment. The track is more or less at the same elevation. The ground slopes down and away from the house with maybe 2 feet in elevation change.
Chris: Thanks for the ride. Those Vincents look like great little runners.

Hi Bob, a very nice layout. All the small Regner engines seem to be very good performers---did you build it from a kit?


My Vincent was purchased RTR. After breaking in, it runs really well and comes up to steam in no time at all. With the chain drive it is noisy, but that is part of its appeal. Highly recommended.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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