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I know by experice that when you have a train system inside your house or basement, it is sometimes hard to find space for buildings to go with scenery or dioramas.   This is why Eaglewings created a whole line of products with indoor systems in mind and mostly all of them can be custom made.  

We build custom overhead systems that can be expanded or reconfigured.  We make shelves that attach to the systems without any hardware;  you can use the shelves to create dioramas, or set your controls.  We have town buildings, industrial buildings, bridges  and other accesories.  

 One of  the characteristics of our buildings is that they can be a complete building or a false front.   For example the picture below shows the same building in false fronts (Town Building #3) detailed for diferent eras (from left to right 1903,1940,1960, 1990)  

These buildings are  14 inches tall by 10.5 inche wide and only 3 inches deep.  

With 13 different bridges, custom made layouts, 14 different town buildings, 7 industrial buildings, train structures and accessories. the possiblities are unlimited.  

We would like to hear your opinion of our products to see all of our products you can visit our website:  

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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