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Red Passenger Cars

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For those of you who paint your passenger cars red, what do you use for paint? (Brand and Color?)
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First I am in england so I cannot commnet on brands as yours are different

You can use any paint, BUT as red is a virtually transparent color, add a red oxide color as an undercoat. The shade of the red can determine the depth of the final color, for example a tuscan red undercoat would give you a deeper color than a light colored red oxide color for undercoat.

A possible experiment for you is to try an unusual choice that will give you a deep color, and this is mainly for a Maroon color topcoat - use a dark blue for an undercoat - it enhances the maroon and adds some extra blue which deepens the color. Maroons are also transparent because of the red portion in the color.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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