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Why? In your thread on the aristo board, you said

I decided to do some further testing, and I had another hobbyist come over and he checked the engine out, and said that how it is running is as smooth as you can expect out of an engine with two drivetrains. Having never owned a mallet of any kind before, I obviously was not familiar with this. Perhaps my expectations are too much. It's not going to run as smooth as a single drivetrain LGB locomotive. It shouldn't, as my LGB loco cost twice what the Aristo product did. I think the gear noise isn't too bad at all, but I notice it more because the locomotive is running on wooden benchwork in a 12X20 foot barn that has no wall covering other than drywall. I think before I ship the locomotive back again, I should run the loco for a while, as perhaps the gears are still wearing in. Would it help to take a video of the locomotive running?

I thought you had gotten this straightened out???
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