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it just depends on the railroad. where i run on csx they use color light signals and a flashing green means limited clear. usually it is a red on top and a flashing green in the middle with nothing underneath or a red could be underneath. the flashing just upgrades the speed. limited is 45 medium is 30 and slow is 15. so the middle aspect is medium and the bottom aspect is slow and the flashing upgrades the speed. so green in the bottom is slow if green flashing in the bottom upgrades it to medium. green in the middle is meduim if it is flashing it is limited. limited clear in plain english means 45 mph through the switch then proceed and say the speed for the track you were coming off of and going onto was 50 then you go 45 through the switch and then after the rear of the train clears the switch you can pick it up to 50 provided you havent passed anotherr signal that restricts the speed of the train. in a nutshell that is it for us anyways i know there are a lot of signals out there just depends on what that subdivision runs on.

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