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Sounds like you've got a real bonus there!

The answer to your question is both yes and no ...

There are newer RCS systems available these days. If the one you have is that old, it may also be the old "blue" frequency ... meaning a lower powered transmitter. That doesn't mean it's obsolete, though, and it could probably run your locomotive very successfully; I have a system very like the one you're talking about that I bought in 2000 and then sat on a shelf till 2006 or 2007 .... and now runs my army diesel quite nicely. I did need new batteries .... that kind of shelf time is often unforgiving, depending on what batteries you actually have.

Sierra is pretty much unchanged over the last several years.... so that should be fine.

One last thing - if your Shay is first run, you may need to replace the trucks to run it successfully. If you look at the bottom of the trucks and see eight screws holding on the bottom cover plate, that's a sure sign you may have the problematic ones. Other trucks MAY have trouble.

If I were you, I'd go to: http://dnkgoods.home.mindspring.com/index.html and discuss what you want to do with Dave. He can tell you for sure what it's going to take to get you up and running, and if you're talking about having it done by someone else, he's the Shay specialist.

Matthew (OV)
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