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I have been collecting large scale trains for several years. One I purchased about two years ago was a first edition Bachmann two truck Shay. Until this week, I didn't realize that with the loco came a complete RCS wireless system along with a Sierra sound system which were still in the plastic bags in the bottom of a box of accessories under a cardboard divider which hid the items underneath. It appears everything is there; rechargeable batteries, battery charger, an Eric-4 circuit board, etc., etc. The handheld transmitter is a model TX-8. I went to RCS's website but did not find info on this transmitter. This whole box of "goodies" appears to have been purchased new back in the 1990's along with the loco and then put on a shelf for years. The loco has never been run. My question is... Is it worth it to have both these systems installed, or are they now obsolete with all the new technologies on the market? Thanks again for your help. VTRRLoco18
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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