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RC install for Accucraft Garratt?

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I'm getting one in the next batch and would like to have RC installed before I receive it. I've ordered through RGSRR, but he says his regular steam RC guy won't do the work because it's too fiddly. Could anyone recommend someone to do the work - I'm in Boston but it doesn't matter much where it's done.

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In planning to model Australian (maybe SA) NGG16 operations and researching what rolling stock was in use in the ~1900-1940 era. UK, Autralians, South Aftrica, etc. seemed to be guided by praticality more and regularly ran locos facing either way at head of train and often at rear pushing. It may have also been easier for these railroads given smaller size (mostly 4 wheel) wagons and coaches. It seems to me an interesting variation in running and makes steaming somewhat easier not having to be concerned the loco is in one orientation. I agree manually changing direction is not all that difficult.

Later era operations with these railways may be different as they evolved to longer wagons/freight rolling stock and longer (heavy weight) coaches.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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