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MLS member Rastun [Jack Hewett] while on business in Wichita, KS, visited the HedgeApple RioGram RR.

later, we went to Botanica for the Illuminations Festival.

Left to right: David McCain, Roger Ellis, Claudia Ralston, Jack[Rastun] Hewett, Jim Carter. Santa being chased by the Polar Express.

It was a wierd night. We had problems with about anything that could be a problem. The Gardens blew a Mains Fuse, darkening half of the lighted displays [including our trains/buildings] for about a half hour while workers went to Lowes for a replacement. There were many dissappointed kids [and adults] that didn't get to see the trains run. Power was restored with only about 10 minutes remaining. Monday, we had a 40F drop in less than 12 hours, with near blizzard conditions for a few hours. The next two days went right back up to the high 50s.

Jim Carter
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