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Rail Fan day on Cape Ann Rail

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We had another great day at Larry Mosher’s Cape Ann Rail.

Rumor has it Tom Daly from the Quincy Northern asked Larry to do this day and Paul Hazel said as long as it wasn’t on the last weekend of the month it would be good for the PDLX crew. The date was set and invites were sent out. An hour later both Tom and Paul emailed to say sorry they couldn’t make it. ???

Ray Shoop came from Marlboro, MA


With 2 of his Budd liners

Pete and Denise Briggs came down from NH with their shay.

Larry was a good host and let me run out of the yard first. When I came around the corner I had to go into emergency braking.


Larry’s reaction.

Being the good host he took care of it using his tree worker skills.

Also present was Tom Pfan from Somerville with his 3 UP GP38-2’s

We also had some first timers to the railroad, Buddy Kno and Guy Host, who were visiting from Maine. They were a bit disappointed not to have met the owners of PDLX and Quincy Northern, but that only lasted a second. They were more than happy to settle with just the owners of Suleski Transportation and Cape Ann Rail.

Also the Vice President of Personnel for Cape Ann Rail was on hand to make sure everyone was in his right place. (Except for Tom & Paul)

For photos of the days events see
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sounds like a good time was had by all.
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