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R/C conversion on LGB mogul

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Is this the best forum for this question?

I have an LGB 2019S (black C&S mogul with sound from 1991 or so) and want to add radio control. I have used RCS systems in the past and really like them. Is this still the best way to go? I don't need DCC or anything. Just R/C of fwd/rev, speed, and the bell and whistle.


I'll be having somebody do the install, but I need to know what to specify.




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Hello Richard,

Thanks for considering RCS again.

The LGB Mogul makes an excellent battery R/C loco.
I assume it has sound fitted.  If LGB sound, which version?  The old analogue or the later digital sound.
If it is the old analogue you will have trouble finding room to fit everything in.  The digital sound version has no space problems.

If you get Dave Goodson or Don Sweet to do the install they can advise which way to go.
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