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Wow, lots of cool buildings here. I especially like the two observatories, those are really unique and interesting!

"How many buildings do you have in your layout?"

So far, only two: A hoist house at the Cliffside Mine, and an abandoned stone cabin at the site of a defunct mine. I also have a few other structures: A water tower which is a scale model of the one at Dos Cabesas in the Anza-Borrego desert; a headframe and ore bin at the Cliffside Mine; a small headframe near the stone cabin; and a large double-chute ore bin which will eventually be part of a large mining complex at the upper east end of the layout.

Many more buildings are planned. All will be scratch-built and custom-fitted to their locations.

"Is there a building that you always wanted and for some reason you have never built it?"

Most of the buildings I want haven't been built yet but will be eventually. However, there are a few things I just can't fit into the layout which I really wish I could have. Chief of these would be a large stamp mill. I would also love to do a scale model of the Desert View Tower located near Interstate 8 in the southeastern corner of San Diego County, but I doubt I could fit it in, either.

"What is your favorite building in your layout and why"

It's too soon for me to have a favorite. The entire Cliffside Mine is fun because there are multiple levels of wooden walkways, and the way the various elements (hoist house, headframe, ore bin, tram, crane) all work together to make an interesting and complex scene.

On the other hand, the stone cabin is really beautiful, with real stone walls, rusty scrap metal "shingles", hip roof, and heavily weathered wood trim; and it realistically captures the look of authentic ghost town structures I've seen in Nevada.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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