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Although my layout is yet to be built, my plans and desires for it are quite detailed! ;)" border=0>
I've already bought as many Piko/Pola kits that I've found that are appropriate for my Turn-of-Century layout. There are all kinds of retail bldgs available, but I've found very few residences that fit. There's maybe one plastic mansion (got it) and everything else looks like a log cabin or a 'shotgun' style tiny house.
So I've been looking at your new houses with interest. While a few are adaptable to my purpose, what I'd really go ape (*) for would be a few 2-3 story Victorians, maybe even "Queen Anne"s, with the high porches and turrets that are typical of T-O-C 'Painted Ladies.'
(*) No denigration of, or dis-respect for, Apes is intended in this message
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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